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How much do we drink? Alcohol Action Ireland.
Follow this link for a detailed breakdown of our current level of per capita alcohol consumption in Ireland, how this is worked out, and alcohol consumption trends over time. There are several limitations to the per capita alcohol consumption measure.
Drinking - Wikipedia.
For the drinking of alcohol, see Alcoholic drink. The act of drinking portrayed in statuary-the figure employs a traditional waterskin. Drinking is the act of ingesting water or other liquids into the body through the mouth, proboscis, or elsewhere. Humans drink by swallowing, completed by peristalsis in the esophagus.
What is Binge Drinking? Alcohol Action Ireland.
We have the second highest rate of binge drinking in the world, according to the World Health Organisation WHO, and this was confirmed by the Healthy Ireland 2015 survey, which found that drinking to excess is common with almost 4 in 10 39% drinkers engaging in binge drinking on a typical drinking occasion and a quarter of them doing so at least once a week.

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